Sìtio Contendas – Brazil

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Tasting notes of caramel and chocolate with nuts, very sweet espresso with low acidity.

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Sìtio Contendas is located in Nepomuceno, South of Minas Gerais at an altitude of 950-1050m. Since 1967,
it is renowned for producing great coffees as Felipe Villela Rodrigues and his family have been keeping the
tradition of cultivating coffees but also applying new techniques to improve the production. About a
hundred years ago, Felipe’s great-grandparents started growing coffees and over time they passed on their
knowledge and experience to their children and grandchildren. With great care the family is carrying out all
the tasks from crop formation and nurturing the plants to grain processing, to guarantee best results.

Only  ripe beans are selectively harvested, then the coffee is
washed to separate the floaters from ripe cherries and then, the
cherries are dried on suspended beds in the sun. After they are dry,
the fruit is put through machinery at a Dry Mill to remove the pulp
and just leave the green beans behind. Once  perfect dryness is
reached, the coffee is taken to wooden bins for a period of at least
30-40 days to rest.

Farm Sìtio Contendas
Process        Natural
Variety  Yellow Catuaí
Elevation     950-1050 masl
Region  Minas Gerais
Origin         Brazil

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