Colombia- El Vergel

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Tasting notes: cacao nibs, plums, red fruits

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Back in 1995, the Bayter Family rolled up their sleeves and dove headfirst into the agricultural scene at El Vergel farm. Avocado was their main squeeze, but when avocado prices took a nosedive in 2006, they knew it was time to shake things up. So, they tossed some coffee varieties into the mix – catimore, red, yellow caturra – and boom, a coffee empire was born! Fast forward to 2016, and with a little guidance from coffee guru Miguel Jimenez, they planted specialty coffee varieties, setting the stage for some serious coffee greatness. Then, in a stroke of genius, they embraced natural coffee processes in 2018, tinkering with fermentation control like mad scientists in a lab. And let’s not forget their claim to fame – the Koji fermentation process, a game-changer in the green coffee game! Now, meet the dynamic trio behind the scenes: Martha Montenegro, along with her coffee-savvy partners Elias and Shady. Together, they’re not just brewing coffee; they’re brewing up a whole community revolution! Their mission? To blend tech magic with coffee passion and sprinkle a little extra joy into the lives of everyone at El Vergel Estate.

Embark on the Yellow Bourbon rollercoaster ride: a classic Natural process with a twist – a brisk 48-hour fermentation for the perfect fruity flavor balance and controlled sweetness. The journey continues as the beans undergo an 8-day sun-drying process in mechanical silos, absorbing warmth and toasty goodness. Post-sunbathing, a 35-day stabilization period in Grain Pro bags precedes the milling stage. This distinctive coffee adventure ensures a unique and flavorful experience in your cup.

Farm     El Vergel estate
Process Natural (anaerobic)
Variety     Yellow Borbon
Elevation         1500 masl
Region            Tolima
Country          Colombia

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